samsung mms not working

Having problems downloading MMS sent to me by people, ... two new APN and chose the first one as defualt, but still not working properly.

i know this has been covered a lot, i've checked all my settings with the ones shown on this site,( and they are correct) how do i know if my mms h.

one major problem I'm having is with MMS ... (no net included on my contract) - could this be why the MMS isn't working?

Galaxy Note 3 will debut at this year's Berlin Electronics Show (2013 September 6-11 day), to know that Galaxy Note 2 is also in this conference.
Later today, Samsung mobile department director Shen Zongjun (Jong-kyun Galaxy S4) in addition to the sales, also suggested that Note 3 will not be equipped with a flexible screen.

Samsung has confirmed will be in September of this year's IFA 2013 Conference on the launch of Galaxy Note 3, and it is equipped with a 5.9 inch OLED screen.
Although there is no more Note message 3, but it certainly is the screen resolution can reach 1080p, and at the same time, according to the Note upgrade to 2, 3 of the processor model Note will be consistent with GS4, but the main frequency is increased, the RAM will rise to 3GB (Android system should also provide a 13000000 pixel camera, operation the latest edition)?
Earlier today, the foreign media are given the news show, Galaxy Note 3 has been determined, the design and Galaxy S4 stays the same, the materials or plastics.
At present from the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released in 4 months time, but Note2 prices have fallen, click here to view the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 electric price.