galaxy s2 how to move files to sd card
The Samsung Galaxy S2 is being a real pain in the *** and I can't find the ... But you can move pictures from my files, create a file in the sd card

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, and it has some videos stored in the ... i.e. how do you "move" files from the internal memory to the SD card?

I have just bought a 8gb sd memory card for my Galaxy S and want to move all my music, videos, pics, apps etc to it.

I just got a 16g sd memory card & wanted to transfer contacts & apps? from phone to sd card. is it ... How do i transfer contacts & apps to sd card from galaxy s2 ... Tap and hold the folder/file that you want to transfer and then tap move and copy.
can anyone tell me how to transfer from USB storage to SD card storage as my USB storage is almost full. SD card still has about 14 gb left.

I have a Galaxy S2 and I cannot move the applications with either "Manage Applications" or Apps2SD to "external SD card".